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Thoroughbred horses for sale – The demand associated with this beautiful racing horse

A man on a horse is spiritually, as well as physically, bigger than a man on foot. That is the major reason for using a horse among mankind. This practice is aged more than thousands of years and continuing up to the present world. Rather than being an ordinary pet, horses play a vital role. You can use them even for racing purposes. Thoroughbred horses are special kinds of horses using for sports and competitions. Sometimes, you may have a keen interest to own one of these horses. Then you should go for some places where thoroughbred horses for sale. Then the mission starts. There are several requirements you have to fulfill once you obtain a thoroughbred horse, which are interconnected as a chain. So, this article will be highly valuable for your references regarding thoroughbreds. We will discuss them deeply for your awareness.

thoroughbred horses for sale
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Who is a thoroughbred horse?

Thoroughbred is a type of horse bred, developed mainly by England. The purpose of this development to have a horse type mainly for running, jumping and racing. Due to the high speed, sprit and agility, this horse type is commonly known as hot-blooded horses. This horse type was developed between 17th century to 19th century. Native mares has crossbred with imported Oriental stallions of Arabian, Bard, and Turkoman to open the thoroughbred strain. So, the ancestors of this breeding are connected originally to imported horses to England. There is a high demand from Australia, Europe, Japan and South America during the 19th century. During the 19th century this breed has spread all over the world. Therefore, millions of thoroughbred horses have settled here. There is more than 100000 number of foals of thoroughbred are registering each year worldwide.

Uses of thoroughbred horses-thoroughbred horses for sale

The main target area of usage of this breed is for racing. They are extremely good runners. But other than this main purpose they are showing their capability in jumping, dressage, polo, combined training, and fox hunting. Because of athleticism those horses have trained to perform show jumping and combined training. When they are at their peak of fitness they are using for the above purposes.

Usually, large young horses are taken as hunter or jumper and dressage horses, whereas smaller ones are taken as polo ponies. According to the purpose they are using they can be distance runners or sprinters. If it is used as a sprinter, he should have a well muscular body. Usually, distance runners or stayers are slim and small in size. So, the size of the horse is the main determining factor to be selected to perform. Buyers and trainers always consider their sizes when choosing a potential horse.

The best performed racing horses are average in size. When the horse is getting larger, there is high stress on his legs and feet, so you can are not able to use it as a running horse. But smaller horses have some disadvantages due to their shorter stride. And they show low ability to bump themselves when especially at the starting gate of the race.

thoroughbred horses for sale
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Thoroughbreds are good at eventing…

Thoroughbreds are good at eventing, showjumping, and dressage at superior competitions such as international games. The perfume at the Olympics even. They can be used as steeplechasers, show hunters, fox hunting and also in barrel racing even. They are engaged in non-competitive works such as in mounted police divisions and recreational riding

Not racing, but also after they got retired and left the arena, you can use them for family riding. They become great family riders and dressage horses after some time. After their running career is over, they are not suitable for breeding purposes even. But their demand is not expiring. Then you can see them as equine companions and riding horses. There are plenty of agencies and agents all around the world to facilitate the transition from the race track to another job. And also, they help to find some retirement homes and caretakers or owners to look after them in a good manner.

Other than the significant racing ability of these horses they are parents of new types. Thoroughbreds are using to crossbred in order to have better types of horses. Those newly introduced crossbreds have named Standardbred, Anglo Arabian, Quarter Horses, and various warmblood breeds. Warm-blooded horses are types of horses bred for agility and speed.

There are champions and celebrities…

There are champions and celebrities among thoroughbreds who have performed in Olympic dressage, Grand Prix even. Most of them are thoroughbred stallions. A French stallion called as Laudanum won at Grand Prix jumping and puissance, which is a competitive test for horses to check their ability to jump large obstacles in showjumping. Another stallion named Ladykiller was not successful at the race track but performed bred to Holsteiner Warmbloods added refinement and athleticism. Therefore, there is a great demand for thoroughbred stallions. So, you can have a good chance to sell with a significant price, if you present your thoroughbred stallion for sale.

So, hope you can imagine how important the horse breeding of thoroughbred is. So, you also can be an owner of this valuable breeding type. There are several places for thoroughbred horses for sale, where you can find your own running horse.

Characteristics of thoroughbred horses-thoroughbred horses for sale

Those horses own a delicate head, long neck, slim body, broad chest, high withers, and short back. They have a lean body and long neck. Their easy walk or stride is due to their short leg bones. Those animals have a fine sleek hair coat, powerful haunches, having a lot of room for lungs and heart (due to their deep wide chest), energetic and athletic ability and last not least they are very people-oriented. Their average height in the maturity stage is 64 inches (163 cm), where the average weight is 1000 pounds (450 kg).

Those horses have an interesting color. The common colors are bay, brown or dark bay, chestnut, gray and black. Roan and palomino are other common colors recognized by United States as additional to previously mentioned colors. The white-colored horses are rarely found, but sometimes their lower legs have a white marking.

The black color is a rare color for thoroughbreds. Even though black is dominant at chestnut. But true black horses do not have any other color, with is the most race situation. Therefore, the demand for black thoroughbred horses are high at the race track. Therefore, some race coordinators offer a high prize. So, you can have a good prize when you open your black thoroughbred for sale, from relevant parties associated with racing.

And there is an unusual fact about these horses, that is they have the same birthday no matter what is the month they have born. That date is January 01st for Northern hemisphere thoroughbreds. For Southern hemisphere thoroughbreds, it is on August 01st. It is due to calculating their age easily at the track. This was taken by the organizations dedicated to thoroughbred breed regulating.

thoroughbred horses for sale
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Health issues with thoroughbreds-thoroughbred horses for sale

Even though thoroughbred have used to perform hunting and jumping, nowadays they are using as racing. Due to the high speed in racing, they have to face many accidents. The main health issue associated with them is, after the accidents and also there are other health problems also. The common health problem is orthopedic problems such as fractures. According to current surveys, they have found that 1.5 breakdowns from 1000 horses, to have their career-ending in the United States. There are 3.5 per 1000 starts have reported as injuries. The other health issues associated with, are bleeding from lungs, low fertility, abnormally small hearts, small hooves compared to body size, thin soles and lack of cartilage masses are minor types of health issues.

More details…

Excess stress to those horses is one of the main reasons to have accidental health problems. Sometimes the owner introduces those horses after 2 years of birth, even if they are not in a state to run. It is because, they seem to be full grown and muscular, but actually they are not mature enough to a racing purpose. So, the accidental rates are higher in below 5 years of horses. Sometimes microfractures happen during their training period at younger stages. But if they have to perform training without leaving some time to heal, due to hard training they tend to have accidents at the arena. What you must do, when your horse is having a fracture, give him some time to remodeling the bone and to become stronger, which will decrease the chance of injuries at the race track. And also, you should stop high-intensity training.

The gravity of training should be increased in a timely little by little, with a proper schedule. Usually, the buyer is very much alert about the health status of the foal they are going to buy. Therefore, when you are planning your thoroughbred foals for sale, please make great attention to their health status. Unless, with the expansion of the horse market without being honest, you will not find customers to sell your thoroughbred foals.

Demand associated with thoroughbred horses

Thoroughbreds have a high demand in the market. When taking some reliable sources such as horse racing results, mobile racing data, statistics and also other equivalent racing data we can finalize that the thoroughbreds are one of a demanding horse in the world. Off-track Thoroughbreds also have a high request by the public. And responsible authorities have taken considerable measures to facilitate the placement of these horses after the racing career. Their second career has a good market place due to this effort.

thoroughbred horses for sale
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Thoroughbreds are literally born to the racing purpose. After the selective breeding happens for centuries, they have become faster, energetic, spirited and athletic horses. It has become the most attractive and celebrated breed of any animal breeding, and the modern horse racing has been evaluated with this horse type. Also, it is a beautiful animal and has a pretty relationship with a human. There are officials to make rules and regulations to get the most benefits from this horse. People are gaining benefits from these horses not only ultimate rides, but also even after they got retired from the racing track. There is a high demand even after the ending of their racing period if you have thoroughbred horses for sale.

So, throughout this article we illustrated some of the stories associated with this beautiful horse breed, known as a thoroughbred. I hope you gain some interesting facts about this breed and how humanity has shaped it for many purposes.

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