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Having a horse or multiple horses in the house has always been a symbol of luxury lifestyle.  Because of the attractiveness of the animal even a child could ask for a horse. The only issue is that the horse is listed in the first ten most expensive animals in the world. If you are rich enough you might even get one. Then Racehorse costs for your knowledge…

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Racehorse costs per year

If you think that the only considerable cost you have to bear for this amazing animal is the purchasing cost, you are so wrong. As for an example you don’t just buy a horse just to sit around like a cat does do you? Expenses for horses include training cost, food, boarding, and vet nary expenses apart from the purchasing expenses. However, these costs vary from the type of the market, horse breed, location and the intention of the use of the animal.

Buying a horse

If you intend to buy a horse of your choice, it is recommended that the horse should be directed to a veterinarian. There the veterinarian will conduct a pre-purchase exam. This examination can reveal the strengths, weaknesses and potential problems of the horse. This can cost in a range standing from a few hundred to two thousand dollars. You will also have to buy grooming equipments and other medical supplies.

Food expenses

Naturally, horses eat pasture grass and tender plants. Apart from that, they eat hay in case there is a crisis of grass or plants it’s an alternative. Other than that horses are fed with grains like oats and corn.  Buying these grasses, hay, and grains is as not as easy as it seems. If you are growing grass there will be a maintenance cost for that. Buying hay isn’t easy as it seems either because finding nutritious and mineral-rich hay can be very tricky. Additional to these regular food vitamins and supplements also should be given.

A horse weighs averagely about 1100 pounds. It’s not like feeding a cat or a dog because one horse needs to get food of 1.5% to 2.5% of its body weight per day. Food takes a huge portion of the expenses of the maintenance cost of the horse which one-third of it.

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Racehorse costs-Boarding and livery expenses

This expense shall not be an expense to everyone. If you are already capable of providing hospitality to your animal this expense will be less but the maintenance expenses cannot be excluded.  A large area will be needed because you cannot cage these animals like dogs. If you own such land there won’t be any problem but the problem is for those who will have to board the animal in someone else’s residence. These lands are mostly lending from farmers and approximately the cost per can be around 40 pounds. But you can choose a livery per your choice as there are types of livery with different costs as grass livery, stable livery, and full livery.

Grass livery can cost between 20 pounds to 25 pounds per week while stabled livery can cost about 30 pounds to 40 pounds per week and full livery can cost from 100 pounds to 150 pounds per week. Most of the horse owners tend to keep their horses in a livery yard where tack rooms, jumps and schooling arenas. Livery is the least expensive way of boarding a horse which suits a low budget.

A least amount of averagely hundred dollars can be the expense for a boarding with no food, exercise or other amenities but it can vary between the cost of two hundred dollars to six hundred dollars with food, fresh breeding, water, regular exercise, and other amenities.

Racehorse costs-Veterinary expenses

 Just like a normal pet like cat or dog needs regular care and maintenance, a horse needs such similar care as well but the expenses can be vastly different. These vet nary needs include tests, vaccinations and medical checkups costing nearly four hundred eighty-five dollars per year. Vaccinations include tetanus and vaccines for the flu. However, the mentioned expenses are not totally constant expenses. Emergency care costs can be added to the account as injuries occurred due to accidents while racing or so on. In addition to that the veterinarians say that regular maintenance and care for horse hooves are as important because poor hoof care leads to infections, joint hyperextension and it can even develop to permanent lameness.

 It is said that it’s better to go to a farrier every six to eight weeks to get trimmed and shoed. This can annually cost roughly up to three hundred fifty dollars only for trimming but shoeing can cost more than that depending on the number of hooves to be shoed and replaced.

Proper care should be taken of their teeth as well. Taking the horse to a dentist regularly is as important and the cost can go from 50 pounds to 70 pounds..

Racehorse costs-Training expenses

 If you own a horse and you are a professional trainer as well it cuts off this cost and it should be easy to train the animal as well. The cost of good training is roughly estimated at eight hundred dollars per month. These costs can include Social Security, Horse Feed, Horse Shoes, Tack Repair/Replacement, and Medical Expenses. But if you are only expecting the horse to be trained in the field and other expenses are barred by you, this expense is much less. A trainer takes a big risk when training a young horse.

If your horse is literally scared of flags or tiny dogs or any other elements, there is a high risk to the life of the trainer as well as the horse can get injured. While this training the tack can also get damaged and the trainer will fix it if the particular payments are included in his wage.

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Most expensive horse in the world

The most expensive horses belong to thoroughbred which was developed in the 17-18th century in England. These horses have a well-chiseled head with a long neck, deep chest, short back, hindquarters with good depth, high withers and lean body. Horses belonging to this breed are specially bred for racing. This horse costs 70 million dollars which is the highest price at present for a horse.

However the worlds’ most expensive horse ‘Fusaichi Pegasus’ belongs to American thoroughbred breed. Fusaichi Pegasus has won the Kentucky Derby in 2000 in 1.75-mile distance. With his impressive racing results and with the title of a second-best breeding horse after his retirement, this horse became the most expensive horse in the world.



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