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Can horses eat pumpkin, pumpkin vines, pumpkin skin, or pumpkin seeds?

Are you a horse owner? Then you will find this article helpful. Many horse caretakers wonder whether it is okay to feed pumpkins to their horses. Yes, horses can eat pumpkins. Pumpkins are a portion of healthy food for your ponies when feeding in the right amount. We will clarify more information about feeding pumpkins from this article.

Can horses eat pumpkin?

Can horses eat cooked pumpkin?

If you feed cooked pumpkins to your horse, it will love to eat cooked pumpkins. Also, you might wonder whether horses can eat green pumpkins. Like orange pumpkins, horses like to eat green pumpkins as well. But it is essential to know that only orange pumpkins are safe to feed horses. Autumn gourds like green pumpkins can lead to some health issues for the horses.

Can horses eat pumpkin vines?

Horses can eat pumpkin vines.

Pumpkin vines consist of fiber which is essential for the digestion process of horses. Therefore, it is always an excellent choice to feed pumpkin vines to your horses. Before feeding pumpkin vines, wash them thoroughly to remove any chemical pesticides. But vines should always be fed as an additional treat. It is not good to serve pumpkin vines as a significant diet.

Other than pumpkin vines, horses also can eat pumpkin leaves. Likewise, with pumpkin vines, it is always better to feed pumpkin leaves in small amounts occasionally. If your horse is a greedy pumpkin eater, you can collect and keep the pumpkin leaves during harvesting. Anytime you wish to feed pumpkin leaves, make sure it is safe to eat by washing them first.

Can horses eat pumpkin skin?

Absolutely yes. Pumpkin skin adds a different taste to your horse’s diet. Pumpkin skin is rich in beta-carotene. A lot of other nutrition is also present in the skin of the pumpkin. Therefore, many horses would enjoy the pumpkin skin. But some horses might not be familiar with the smell of the pumpkin. Do not worry about that. When your horse gets used to the smell, it will love to eat pumpkin skin as well.

Perhaps you might wonder whether horses can eat pumpkin rind. Pumpkin rind does not contain any toxic things which are bad for the health of your horses. So yes, horses can eat pumpkin rind. Pumpkin rind is the part of the pumpkin which contains minerals and nutrition. Even though pumpkin rinds are safe to eat, you should only serve the pumpkin rinds of orange pumpkins.

Can horses eat pumpkin

Can horses eat pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and proteins. Without any doubt, horses can eat pumpkin seeds. A research paper by Cambridge University Press revealed that pumpkin provides many health benefits to humans. When presenting about equines, pumpkin also adds many health benefits to horses.

In 2016, Maciej and other researchers researched to evaluate the composition of pumpkins. The researchers had presented that pumpkin seeds consist of anti-parasitic properties. Accordingly, pumpkin seeds can have a positive effect on the health of horses.

Further explaining, whether it is raw or cooked, you can safely serve pumpkin seeds to your horses. Yes, horses can eat raw pumpkin seeds as well.  But be mindful when feeding your adorable horses. It is also better to feed seeds of orange pumpkins.

What are the benefits of feeding pumpkin seeds to horses?

You can gain many health benefits by adding a pumpkin seed treat to your horse’s diet. It can provide many dietary supplements such as carotenes, fiber, fatty acids, vitamins A, E, B3, B9, and minerals. Vitamin E helps to regulate the growth of the red blood cells of the horses. More than that, carotene helps to strengthen the bones of your horses. Fatty acids are the essential nutrition to maintain a healthy heart. By feeding pumpkin seeds to your horses, they can obtain all of these nutritional benefits.  Therefore, if you wish to feed pumpkin seeds to your horses, it will always be a good choice.

Can horses eat pumpkin puree?

Pumpkin puree is another delicious treat you can serve your horses. Horses can eat pumpkin puree, and most of them enjoy it. As mentioned before, pumpkins are incredibly healthy for your lovely equines. Therefore, no need to worry at all. Pumpkin puree is also riches in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which can improve the horse’s health.

Horses can have pumpkin puree as an additional treat to change their taste. In 2017, Luis Carlos and five other authors brought an important matter into consideration in a research paper. They had presented that pumpkin puree loses carotene levels during the cooking process. If you like to read more on this.

Can horses eat pumpkin pie?

All parts of the pumpkins are indeed safe food for horses except the stem. But what do you think about pies made out with pumpkins? Without any doubt, your horse will love to eat pumpkin pies. But as the horse owner, you should have basic knowledge about the nutritional values of a horse’s diet. Pumpkin pies consist of a high amount of sugar. It also includes a variety of spices that are not good for the health of your lovely horses. Therefore, it is not a good treat for horses, even though your horses love to have pumpkin pies.

Can horses in the UK eat pumpkin?

As horses love to eat pumpkins, horse owners in the United Kingdom also serve pumpkins to horses. So it is not a surprise to know all horses would love to taste the pumpkins.

Not only the pumpkin vines, leaves, skin, rind, and pumpkin seeds, horses also can eat the inside of a pumpkin. But always make sure to observe the inside of the pumpkin before feeding it. If you notice the inside part is too soft or starting to rot, do not feed those pumpkins to horses. As the horse caretaker, please be mindful of chopping the pumpkins into small pieces before feeding them. It will help your horses to chew and to avoid choking hazards.

Can horses eat pumpkin

Can horses eat butternut pumpkin?

Butternut pumpkins are a type of winter squash that has a sweet taste somewhat similar to the pumpkins. It has a sweet, nutty taste which is why people love to eat butternut pumpkins. Even though butternut squash/pumpkin is suitable for human consumption, it is questionable whether it is safe for horses. Butternut pumpkins are very rich in vitamins A, C, and iron. Therefore, horses can eat butternut pumpkins. But it will be safe and healthy for your horses only if you feed in small amounts.

Horses can eat raw pumpkins. As the whole pumpkin itself is safe for consumption, horses can eat raw pumpkins as well. However, it is necessary to remove the stem part as it could cause damage to the teeth of your horses.

Can horses eat whole pumpkins?

When you remove the stem part, the whole pumpkin is suitable for the consumption of horses. Therefore, horses can safely eat whole pumpkins. No matter which part you chose to serve your adorable horses, wash it before feeding your horses. Make sure to check the pumpkin to see whether there are any rotten signs. Feeding these pumpkins might make your lovely horse sick.

Rather than that, it is essential to remember not to feed any pumpkins used as decorations before. These decorated pumpkins could be damaged ones or rotten ones which are not suitable to eat. Although, people use various other decorative items such as wax, glitter, and paints to make the pumpkins look better. Since that, these decorated pumpkins could make your horses sick.

Can horses eat pumpkin

Are pumpkins poisonous to horses?

Any part of the pumpkin is not toxic for horses. However, feeding pumpkins can cause a decline in the health of some horses due to various reasons.

Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP) is a condition that is common among horses.  The horses with the above HYPP condition naturally have higher potassium levels in their blood. Pumpkins are vegetables that have relatively high potassium levels. Therefore, if you feed pumpkins to a horse with HYPP, it might cause life-threatening conditions for your horse. Since that, it is advisable not to serve pumpkins if your horse has HYPP condition.

Equine metabolic syndrome is another such condition among horses that are associated with insulin dysregulation. Occasionally feeding pumpkins is a good option even for horses with metabolic syndrome.

Is your horse a pumpkin lover? If you wish to feed pumpkin regularly, it should be limited to a maximum of one/two slices per day. Even though pumpkins are not poisonous to horses, feeding in high amounts could cause various side effects.

More than that, do not forget that only orange pumpkins are acceptable and safe to feed horses. Other autumn gourd treats are potentially dangerous for your horse’s health. Feeding those treats can cause many health issues such as diarrhea, colic and gastrointestinal issues, etc.


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