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Can horses eat iceberg lettuce? – Never make a mistake with your equine’s life!

You are here as you are interested in horses’ eating habits. You may be doing research on them, or you are just a loving owner of a horse. Or else, you must be working in a place where horses are nurtured. Whatever the purpose you are here, we are so happy that you are doing your job very well as you are going through facts about them even by Googling them. Here we have gathered answers for the burning question, can horses eat iceberg lettuce, in a detailed manner.

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can horses eat iceberg lettuce

Can horses eat iceberg lettuce?

This is a trendy crunchy green vegetable with a neutral taste. Although it is not as nutritious as many other greens, it has its own benefits.

Iceberg lettuce includes fewer nutritional values when compared to lettuce. A huge amount of fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin K and A can be covered from this food. It consists of many other healthy nutritious components such as calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and folic acid.

This pale greenish iceberg lettuce is rich in water and low in fibers.

So this is a refreshing choice of food among animals as well as among humans.

How does iceberg lettuce play on horses?

You can feed lettuce to your horse, but that is inadequate for a good diet. It is easily digestible and has a lot of water in it. So that you can feed your horse with iceberg lettuce on a hot summer day.

If you are going to feed your horse with iceberg lettuce, check whether the leaves are dried or not.

It is wiser not to feed your horse with wet leaves!

Wanna know the reason behind it?

Normally, wet leaves might cause bloating.

Bonus tip:

Remember not to serve him wilted leaves.

Though iceberg lettuce is good for humans, it may not be suitable for some animals. If you feed the vegetables in the refrigerator without making them dry, it may cause digestive issues. To be safe, do not provide your horse and any other animals lettuce which became wilted or slimy and wet leaves.

However, there is a maximum amount of iceberg lettuce that your horse can consume during a day. In accordance with the veterinary professionals’ advice, it is recommended to feed them only 2 pounds of iceberg lettuce each day.

If you decided to feed iceberg lettuce to your horse, first of all, consult your vet. There, you will be able to know how does it affect your horse. Once you get the vet’s approval, you can feed iceberg lettuce to your horse in small quantities, oversee them and observe their behavior well.

If there is no effect when feeding iceberg lettuce, you can try out feeding the horse with iceberg lettuce several times.

Please do not provide any other foods other than their regular diet when your horse eats lettuce.

Can horses eat iceberg lettuce

Issues that are caused due to the consumption of iceberg lettuce

Eating iceberg lettuce can cause issues like bloating and diarrhea. Moreover, this green veggie can cause gassy side effects. The dark side of gassy side effects is that horses are unable to throw the gassiness.

If you feed more and more iceberg lettuce, that can be led to serious digestive problems.


Make sure to observe the changes in their behavior if you provide your horse with iceberg lettuce.

Issues that folks do not usually notice

An outbreak of listeriosis can happen due to L. monocytogenes because they are hidden in lettuce leaves, and once they are eaten, the pathogen is released to the soil through horses’ feces. Read more!

In this way, cross-contamination with various pathogens like Salmonella is common with iceberg lettuce. Click here!

So contamination of original tissue with viruses and other pathogens is familiar with the intake of iceberg lettuce by horses. The same is applied to humans as well. But horses suffer more than humans. Yet, none of the researchers were able to provide proof of direct horse to human transmission.

Iceberg lettuce leaves were tested and detected for the presence of toxic organophosphate and carbamate compounds. A most important thing to note is that these leaves have achieved sufficient sensitivity to various pesticides like oxydemeton–methyl, propamocarb, carbofuran, and parathion–ethyl even without undergoing time-consuming sample preparation procedures. These pesticides in vegetables have high throughput with none or very low sample pretreatment in experiments. Read more!


In conclusion, we have to say that eating iceberg lettuce does not cause any significant lousy effect on your horse. But still, it depends on the nature of your horse. Factors like immunity, endurance, etc., affect the impact of eating iceberg lettuce. However, it is indispensable to note that it is a green vegetable with high antioxidants and various minor compounds beneficial for horses’ nutrition.

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