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Better to Know That; Can Horses Eat Cabbage as an Animal Feed

Can Horses Eat Cabbage? Horses are a pet that has a diverse range of food habits, not like most carnivorous pets. They are not the troublesome animal kind that loves to eat plant-based foods. But the most curious part is, can horses eat each plant-based feed even if they accept tons of fruits and vegetable varieties as their meals? If you are interested in a horse pet, then you better know their habits and behaviors. Especially the feeding habits.

Let us find out about that before you rush out with your pet’s stomach ache. 

What are The Horse’s Feeding Habits?

Animal feeding is not an easy task. It is very difficult with horses. Because they are herbivorous and they can quickly get a stomach ache with different ranges of foods. Horses have unique digestive tracts. That’s why horses need a lot of care and attention for their feeding. When deciding on your four-leg pet’s foods requires more knowledge and understanding about your pets. Some are highly sensitive to food, and some are not. Then you have to research the healthiest and most preferred food for each of them separately.

We are giving you newly researched details about horse feeding, mainly focused on problem-causing foods like cabbage/ lettuce.

Just keep reading. You will find your answers with secret facts about horse feeding.

First, take a look at general horse feeds that keep them healthy. As mentioned above, horses are herbivorous or plant-based diet animals around the world. They eat grass, hay, or haylages. But they can consume salt and concentrates and fruits, and vegetables, other than grasses.

The way they take their meals is entirely different from ours. They have a long digestive tract which prefers high primarily fiber diets in small quantities over a long period. Usually, horses are eating all day but in small portions.

Most importantly, horses have always preferred their usual feeds rather than a diverse range of foods. Large meals cause stomach problems, and some may lead to death. 

Can horses eat cabbage? and Why is cabbage terrible for horses? Let us figure out this question.

Can Horses Eat Cabbage

Can Horses Eat Cabbage?

There is an answer that slightly goes with “No” to this question. But a good definition can make sense about the reason why people are questioning cabbage feeding especially. 

Let’s have a look at a few leafy vegetables like cabbage. Even these are plant-based foods; horses are treated quite differently to green vegetables, especially cabbage. Celery and lettuce are rich in nutrients, and horses are highly favorable to celery. Horse keepers use both of these vegetables to feed their pets other than cabbage.

It is a little bit confusing because cabbage is a rich source of nutrients. Vitamin C, vitamin K1, vitamin K2, vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium-like minerals are the same as different leafy vegetables.

Can Horses Eat Cabbage – Cabbage is not a vegetable that horses are much preferred to eat even though it has a good taste and nutritional quality. Researchers have specified that cabbage, like cruciferous family vegetables, has a carbohydrate type called raffinose. These sugar molecules can cause intestinal gas formation to affect eating those vegetables to an animal and a human being. 

Here is the main reason those horse keepers are afraid of feeding their pets with cabbage. Stomach gas formation of cabbage and make your horses sick if you do not pay particular attention after providing cabbage. Large consumption can cause deaths to horses as they are susceptible to stomach gasses.

Do horses eat cabbage? Yes, they do. Some horse breeders significantly like the taste of cabbage rather than vegetables. So horse keepers should know the portion of feeding without making them sick.  

Most frequently asking another question related to horse feeding is, can horses eat savoy cabbage?

The answer is 100% similar to green cabbage. Both cabbages have similar characters other than their shape, color, and texture. So the horses do not have any issues with cabbage texture or color. It is dependent on the gas formation ability of these vegetables. That means savoy cabbage does not match with a horse’s stomach in large portions.

Can Horses Eat Cabbage – Will Cabbage Hurt A Horse? 

Yes, it hurts them if you feed them in large quantities. Because of the horse’s intestinal system shape, it is challenging to remove gases as fast as possible. It makes an uncomfortable and painful gas build-up. You have to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible to treat your pet before the situation takes seriously mode.

Can Horses Eat Cabbage – How to Feed Cabbage to Horses? 

The rule of thumb for horse diets is “give what they used to eat.” Horse keepers should follow this rule for horses. If you are trying to give food more nutritious than a regular diet, that might cause death to your loving pets because a horse’s belly has a slow digestion process and slow adaptations to various foods.

If we want to introduce new food like cabbage to the horse’s diet, we need to apply it. A large portion can seriously affect a horse’s health. Even other foods can react well with horses; some sensitive horses can not adapt to vast food ranges as we require. The veterinarian’s recommendation is the minimum amount of 2-4 ounces at one time at the initial stage of introduction. After two or more weeks, the carrot portion can increase.

Above feeding, the technique is excellent with hard-working horses, which are resistant to gas problems. But still, it needs to avoid feeding horses who are having unique intestinal or gas issues.

Make sure to have a balanced diet for a horse with water, mineral, and vitamin mixed. Perfect diets can avoid nutrient deficiency and make healthy, four-leg solid pets for you.

Can Horses Eat Cabbage

Can Horses Eat Cabbage – A Solution for Cabbage Feeding

Even though cabbage causes severe intestinal problems, researchers have tried to make cabbage feed for horses mainly due to its nutritional richness. They have identified that drying cabbage feeds have a lower gas formation problem than fresh cabbage. But it is still recommended to feed them as a portion of the main meal until they adapt to cabbage. The better solution to the question of “why can’t horses eat cabbage and why is cabbage bad for horses” is within horse keepers.

Other Harmful Vegetables for Horses

There are similar gas-forming vegetables that are not suitable to use for your pet. Tomato, potato, onion, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and even pepper goes with an unhealthy vegetable group for horses. So I always need to keep in touch with the most sensitive animal kind, a horse with the best feeding habits. 


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