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Horses are very important and beautiful animals mostly used by earlier kings for traveling and to carry loads. Horses belong to the Equus ferus cabullus group. They commonly get matured when 150 cm or taller. There are hundreds of horse breed types. Among them the black horse breeds are special. The black hair coated horses are entirely black in their hair coat color.

Black horse breeds

They are a very rare type. Shown below is the description of the appearance of an exact black horse breed.

  • They have dark brown eyes
  • Their skin is black in color
  • Their whole body will be covered in black hair.
  • Many of these horses’ hairs may turn into a lighter shade due to the explosion to the sun. Moreover, the horses who do not decolorize are called “non-fading” blacks.
  • They might have pink skin underneath any white markings under their white hairs. If so the eyes of them may be blue in color.

Types of Black Horse Breeds:

There are different types of beautiful black horse breeds. These horses need to be registered and approved by the horse breed association. Some of the horses are known for their stunning dark shade even though they are registered for their other colors. The total list of black horses is hundreds long. Therefore, let us discuss 6 different types of horse breeds now.

  1. Orlov-Rostopchin

These brilliant black horses were one of the best-recognized Russian horse breeds. It is with a typical appearance but unfortunately, they were almost extinct after the second world war. There are various associations in order to protect this special breed. They are working to restore this almost extinct breed. They are enthusiastic, easy to train, and very patient type of horses. Moreover, they are very energetic and have a greater spirit they were used as riding horses.

black horse breeds

  1. Friesian

These horses are heavier in weight than other horses. They have a long flowing mane and a tail which grab the attention of anyone who sees these horses. It is easy to identify them by their long neck and powerful shoulders. They are with the character of warm-blooded. They also got feathering on their legs which can be seen in most of the horses of this breed and it is also a significant character of them which helps them to add pronounced optics for high stepping trot. These kinds of horses are not just beautiful but belong to the heavier weighted horses. They have a greater ability to work with a greater level.

  1. Kabarda

This type of horse also belongs to Russia but its origination runs from four centuries. Its original origin is from Hittite civilization. These horses are well known for as easy adaptable animals who are changing according to the environment and situation. There 03 sub-types of this type. They are as follows:

  • Primary type -: muscled and specially used to climb mountains.
  • Asian type -: thinner skinned with a small head who can be easily recognized as hot temperament animals.
  • Massive type -: Tall and heavy and specially used to carry loads.

As a whole, this type of horse is used even in the present day in the mountains of Russia in agriculture.

  1. Calvina

This is a rare type of horse that is black in color. They were originated in the 19th century from western cape of South Africa. They are willing and slow-tempered animals.

black horse breeds

  1. San Fratello

They are an Italian horse breed. They are strong and energetic horses and used for the light draft. Moreover, they have become an indigenous type in Italy and they are popular.

  1. Dales pony

This kind of horse breed is a native type for the mountains and moorlands of the United Kingdom. They are famous for their energy, higher level of stamina, and intelligence. Moreover; they are a very calm and quiet type of animal. They are popular as war horses at the end of world war 2. But in the modern world, this breed is recognized as an uncommon breed.

Black Draft Horse Breeds

Draft horses are also referred to as workhorses, carthorses or heavy horses. These horses are used by people to carry loads and also to do their daily activities. Though there are different types of horse breeds as described above, their energy level, stamina, and patience are similar and all of them are used and helped in the pre-industrial revolution by farmers to make their work easy. Hence, it is clear that our generations are not just a development of man’s power but it is also a combination of all animals and environment which led to the development of this modern world. So, it is not just an important thought we should share with everyone to protect these breeds from destroying it is also a step that we all should take part in to stop their banishment.

Black horse breeds

Furthermore, though animals are not for man’s use, most of the animals have helped the man from the early centuries. Sometimes the history refers to that animals are the best friends of man. Hence, we can see that clearly. Not only normal people but also kings have used these horses as their best friends.

Sometimes these animals may have worked a lot to keep a king in their throne or take some kings closer to their throne. So, we can never ignore them because they have done a great service in our past history and also even today. Therefore, it is in our hands to protect them from danger and helping in the growth of these animals. Some cruel people may work to destroy these beautiful creatures in order to satisfy their own needs and wants but if all of us stop being selfish and start to think of our world not as one but as a family, we can surely protect this world

Characteristics of black draft horse breeds

  • Draft horses are recognized by their height and their muscular body.
  • They have a tendency to have broad and short backs which are very strong and best suited for pulling purposes.
  • They also have heavy bones and especially they got feathering in the lower part of the legs.
  • The Shire named Sampson was recorded as the largest horse.
  • There are many types of breeds that can be used as draft horses. Black horse breed is special among them. Other than that, there are a number of such breeds that can be used as draft breeds. As discussed before these kinds of breeds are very important to man. We can find 05 draft breeds in North America they are:
  1. Belgian
  2. Clydesdale
  • Percheron
  1. Shire
  2. Suffolk

According to the Draft Cross Breeders and Owners and association, other breeds of drafts are as follows:

  • American Cream Draft
  • Ardennes
  • Breton
  • Dole
  • Dutch Draft
  • Fjord
  • Friesian
  • Irish Draft
  • Italian Heavy Draft
  • North Swedish Horse
  • Pinto Draft
  • Polish Draft
  • Suffolk Horse
  • Vladimir Heavy Draft
  • South German Coldblooded
  • Russian Heavy Draft

Black Heavy Horse Breeds

This is a subcategory under draft horses. Heavy horses are strong and well-muscled horses who are used as draught horses. These breeds are typically lowland breeds where they choose fertile soil as their natural home. As discussed so far, the main types of horses can be identified as heavy horses such as the Shire, Clydesdale, and Suffolk. Additionally, Irish Draught is also considered as a heavy horse which are used by farmers to do their plowing and other agricultural purposes.

Prominent characteristics and types of heavy horse breeds

  1. Shire:

  • Most people think that all horses are shires but this is not true. This is a major problem for other horse breeds.
  • They are the most significant type of heavy horses and especially as we noted before, the largest horse is also a shire as recorded.
  • These are popular in Britain, England, North America, Australia and also in Europe.
  • They are very famous for their movements and actions.
  • Other than the black heavy horses, they are also available in different colors as grey, bay and brown.
  • Very energetic and active animals.
  • They are with a long neck and masculine in appearance.

black horse breeds

  1. Percheron Heavy Horse Breed:

  • Kind of friendly, patient and relatively small horses
  • They are originated in the Le Perche area of France.
  • Available in colors of grey and black with a minimum of white hairs
  • They are with fine quality skin.
  • Possess a strong neck and well-aid shoulders
  1. Suffolk Heavy Horse Breeds:

  • These breeds are also a relatively smaller type of horse.
  • Very friendly type
  • The spread of these animals happened in the United Kingdom.
  • Available in Chestnut, a star, a little white on the face or with few silver hairs
  • They possess a big head with a broad forehead.
  • The appearance of their neck is deep.
  • They possess broad shoulders with a masculine.
  • Very intelligent and animals with good actions

Black Desert Horse Breeds

Most of the horses can adapt to environmental changes. Moreover, most of the breeds can adapt to desert conditions. Among them the black horse breeds are special. For more information, Deserts are not only hot places. These are places with low humidity and rainfall. They can get extremely cold too. As we talked before horses are animals who can adapt according to any environment. With proper care and husbandry, these horses can be very adaptable for desert conditions.

Feeds for Horses

They possess a very special kind of diet. As these animals are herbivorous, they have different dietary needs from others. They possess a long-digestive system which requires food with high fiber. Except for the large meal, horses eat so many small meals in between. Horses actually spend much time eating as we all have seen. Shown below are the things what they eat and what they shouldn’t.

  • Pasture Grass and Plants

This is something known by everyone. Horses’ main food is pasture grass and plants. They get most of the nutrients they need to form it. They eat most of the green grass and pasture which keep them healthy. The horse keepers must know to limit the fresh grasses from them and providing them with good pasture will give them the best nutrition needed by the body of a horse. For some horses, rich pasture can be a problem.

  • Hay

If someone is unable to provide your horses with pasture the next best choice is hay. Hay contains vitamins and minerals but selecting the good quality horse hay is difficult.  Just like rich pasture can be a problem, the rich hay also can be a problem.

  • Grains

Grains are also fed for horses. Among them oats are significant. Additionally, they also consume some other grains such as corn. Consumption of wheat is not good for horses. Seedhead of grasses are the main grains which can be found in the natural environment, most of them come to eat it. It is very easy to feed grains to horses.

  • Salt and minerals

Salt and minerals are included in some supplements given for horses. A salt block or loose salt in a pasture is given to them. Some salt blocks are a mix of minerals too.

  • Water

This is the most important need of a horse just like a man. Though horses don’t need water as much as a man the consumption of water is important for their equine diet. But a horse who consumes only hay may not drink much of water.

black horse breeds

Moreover, if a person is interested in taking care of a horse the above description may be important. Furthermore, learn and examine more details about horses before you start making them on your own. Taking care of a horse is not that easy like taking care of your dog. This is a serious issue to be cared for. They have a separate diet plan to be followed. Now you might wonder how a horse does live in a natural environment if that is so serious.

So, here is the reason!

When a horse is in a natural environment they are have been changed with the environment. As horses are animals who can be adaptable to the changing environment, they can easily find their food and live healthily. But when it is come to taking care of a horse it is completely different because you have to select and provide them with the food to eat. They cannot go to find them so what you feed them with is important for their health. Hence the health of your horse will be in your hands. The food you feed, the way you keep it, the attention you pay for your horse will keep it safe and healthy.

Before wrapping up…

As the final note, choosing a horse should be done not by considering its appearance but should consider choosing the one that which suits your need. Ones you start to adopt a horse they will become a part of your family because they are very friendly animals. Moreover; they are very playful and loving animals so it will be definitely hard in selling them after keeping them for so many years.

black horse breeds

Black horse breeds are a very unique type of horses who are so beautiful in appearance, smart, calm and energetic. As we discussed before, they are almost extinct animals. It is important to protect these forms of animals destroyed because they are a valuable treasure to our environment. They are not just horses but they are some extra energetic animals. So, stop killing these animals for the man’s pleasure. These animals are worthy to live. You cannot destroy them yet man is powerful does not mean that animals are weak. If they go against man, they can do a great change in the world. So, let us protect them from destroying.

Wrapping up…

Black is not just a color. It is the color of the horses. These black horse breeds signify Romanism and historical importance and they are popular in most of the literary works, hence they are not only important in the physical world they are important in literature too. These black horses are very popular, not by their breed but by their color. Conclusively, their existence is important to the whole world. So, let us try to protect these wonderful black creatures!

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